Live servers downtime [Completed]


Will be down for a couple of hours while the major update to bring up to date with all the latest features seen on testing is applied.

Testing will still be running.


Awesome! :champagne: :fireworks: :beach:

Congrats on your hard work, can’t wait to see the results! Hype… :train:


Too damn excited! Can’t wait to experience it! Thanks Devs!


Question for the devs, is there any plans for titles regarding feats?

I will guess killing 1,000,000 spitters will reward you with “Pseudonym wannabe”


Can’t wait :grin:[quote=“Spoygg, post:2, topic:8090”]
Hype… :train:


The hype is real!


and i have a question - any plans for removing those nub trolls from my life? :stuck_out_tongue:

just kidding i know i have been like hyper for a the past few days etc but that is just how i deal with my ■■■■ i wont post again about it but hey -

Congratz dev-guys


This is the best news I have heard all day! (Even though I just woke up) who knows maybe I will inherent a carp ton of money.
Supper jump here I come! :smile_cat: :smile_cat:


Can’t wait! Tomorrow is our 14 year anniversary so I probably won’t get a chance to play till next week sometime but when I do watch out, I’m gonna get the things and do the stuff. :grin:


I love doing stuff! :heart_eyes:


They are now up.


Yassssssss! Tonight we stream!!!


What is happening with beacons that already exist? Are they being fueled up?


They are fuelled for ~25 weeks.


We do not have the tutorial objectives on live?
Only objective I have now is to build a portal which is a bit difficult without being able to unlock the recepies.


God, i just uninstalled boundless today because i wanted to focus on studying. 3 hours later i am back xD h3lp


“Monster Hunter Recruit”
my life is complete


Uhm, i cant fuel my beacons with leaves or trunks, its because they are ‘full’?


25 weeks is the current max I believe.


Do you have any other available objectives that can be completed?