Living space: homes, towns, cities

@dwarvenname @Squaremunch you guys should come and see my place then. Got plenty of space for all the “secret” and “monastery” stuff!


Since the day, when my wife started Dragon Age, I had fall in love to Orzammar and feel myself like a dwarf. Deep roads, abyssal theigs - it’s sound like a beautiful underground dream for me.

Furthermore, I love to living secretly, like a sidhe in a hollow hills.


Me to,that’ed be so cool!!

Somewhere built around danger. Around lava. Up high. Underwater.

I like to make my home somewhere that could kill me!

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This maybe doesn´t belong to this topic, but I must mention that I guess my battleship Yamato is my new Oortian home as building project started with 1:1 scale and now going that times 3 . You can say for sure that I will be living on Yamato for quite long time until it is fully finished…

Not your average home, but inside space is on category of it´s own. Whole thing is somewhat equal size to that of small town.

Good thing is that I will get my daily dose of laughing every time I log in-game, because then I am greeted with sight of group of friends all trying to built historical ships maybe couple sizes too large

So my point if there was any was that home, towns and cities come in all different sizes and themes :smiley:


I loved the Deep roads in that game. I really want to see if we could reproduce them in the game as well. A super highway of underground tunnels to travel from one town to the next.
A Dwarven dream come true.

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I’d like to see a screenshot of your battleship :open_mouth:


@Exsu, do you have a screenshot? Or maybe you could organize some kind of tour to show the ship to us?..

@Elenwyd, I loved the concept of Deep Roads too, but I feel they were hardly ever in the game… Most of the stuff had to be based on my fantasies about them :frowning:

We strongly need tunnel shield! :smile:

I donno, they where well done in Dragonage origins. Rather tall and ornate. I just didn’t get to see to much architecture of other crags outside the main dwarven city. And that tends to go from ornate down to crude stone houses as you move from the royal palace to the casteless district.

I have currently screenshots only about building phases so I will take and share you guys ones about finished ship next time I log in and built scaffold high enough that size and features are easily seen.

Sorry to keep you waiting but hang on there.


Probably a fortress in the sky, i have alot sketches for but im too lazy to upload :sweat_smile:

I tried a fortress in the sky (over lava in Storial), but it was kinda a pain to get to/from. I’ve “settled” for a fortress in the mountains. With ramp road access, skyways, watch towers… The original plan was to attempt a multi-world city. with gateways inside the walls leading to isolated towers across various worlds. Is still in the works, but don’t want to pester the dev too much so that aspect is waiting on portals.

Technically it isn’t really a home so much as a project. I personally wouldn’t need a 10th of the space for my workshops, library, storage, bedroom, barn, garden, etc. but it keeps me occupied and enjoying Oort.

I gotta say though I agree with the “live away from the city” opinion. Also am partial to the underground dwarven fortress/mine notion (done that too).

I’d love to build in a small town and sell items.

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