Living space: homes, towns, cities

Hey guys!
As you may have noticed, I’m back to the forums, and I’m interested in what you find a suitable place/way to live in the game. Some of you might want to have a small town on the beach, just to lay back and enjoy the scenery, some may want to build a prosperous metropolis that will be the jewel of the server, while others may perfer a more secluded way of living, a hidden home where you can see and not be seen.

This is also the place to discuss your ideas for future place of gathering (cities, temples, etc) — what do you feel will be right for you?

I personally like the idea of a town/city, but in a farily remote place (not near the Capitol), so I can start something fresh and stay out of the way. The start of my building was a tower on Cshrime with a little town beneath it, and I plan to expand this place in more ways than one: both on the ground and under it. I had this vision of underground stalactite-like house, and I think I’ve found just the place to try that out.

A reference from Heroes V:


I like more secluded areas^^ So I can do my thing (whatever that will be in Oort) and go to town if I need to. Most likely I will work as a merc. (Uhhh that rhyme xD)


If they add crafting professions in the game i would love to live in a small village as the main blacksmith.

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Since beacons will most likely be impenetrable safe areas anyway I´ll probably just build a dirt shack somewhere near to a busy PvP area. :smile:

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I’m with you on that. Inside a large mountain,where only I know the the in. Or maybe in a volcano where no one dares enter,of fear of being burned.
But I’ll probably live on top or in my guild.

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I just want to build a cottage on a green hill where it rains all day.

I love to builds homes in caves and cliffsides which some green in front for my crops. Even with only growing a little beard I somehow seem to be a dwarf in Voxel games ;D

I’m keen on living out in a jungle somewhere…with a cottage or maybe treehouse…just heading into major cities and hunting trips when I feel like it…although a Guild does appeal to me. :wink:


cozy little house on a lake or a tree house :smile: (working on my tree house…)


Haha nice man!

What do you guys think is essential for you shelter, be it a house, an underground bunker or a whole town or city?

I’ve narrowed down the list to this:
• Storage: just a room filled with blocks for now, and a proper storage room with chests that contain valuables and rare materials later, when they get introduced to the game;
• Crafting area: again, this now is a sub till crafting and crafting stations are implemented in the game;
• Portal room: a building/hall where I’ll keep portals and warps. Once the portals stop making the game lag while I’m near them, I’ll install them properly: currently they’re not much more than just placeholder arcs;

Optional stuff:
• Display room: a dedicated building/room for extremely rare/valuable things to be found/salvaged/looted while playing. The purpose is to show it all off, of course! Force fields included;
• Market stall: if trading is properly implemented, we’ll be able to actually open a shop. Then building a place dedicated to trading will be a must (at least, for me);
• ???

What do YOU guys think? What’s an absolute must in your house?


Everythin you listed plus:

  • A little cozy bedroom. (Hopefully beds/sleeping will have a purpose.)
    Depending on the size of my house and if interactions with props will be a thing (ex. sitting on a chair, storing books in shelfs etc.):
  • a library
  • a throne / conference room (might not fall under essential xD)
    And again depending on how big my plot will be:
  • my own mine
  • maybe stables for my mounts
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I would really love a giant guild/ castle but more modern than a traditional castle you know what I mean. Just something me and my friends and my girlfriend and my family could go to in the summers and just go ham on some good family time, friend time, fun time.

@G_Sage, so you mean like a castle, but with an underground parking lot and a neat pool? :smiley:

@KuroKuma, I can’t believe I forgot to mention bedroom and meeting area (with chairs etc)… A library is a cool idea though, definitely will get one if that’d be possible!

Personally I really don’t like cities at all! I’m kinda picky about what kind of building is done, and I’m very strict about keeping a theme going, so dealing with many other people can be a chore. If you get the right group of builders together who can create themed structures though, I’m all in. The other issue i have with cities is that once they are complete, it’s very hard to find enough people to live in them. You often end up with many empty rooms, or people who want to build their own house instead of just living in a pre made one. It’s a huge conundrum that ends up being the main reason large (10+) people cities struggle to happen. I’d rather just build myself a mountaintop palace and chill there.


More like this

This is a modern castle

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@Squaremunch, in this sense you are me. I just can’t stand it if a project (be it a group of houses or a city, or anything) has something that in my opinion doesn’t fit the theme. And it can be EXTREMELY hard to keep a theme going when you’re building with a group of people larger than 3-4, because everyone has his own taste and wants to do stuff his way. For my place I spontaneously got a theme going where I’m using stone, clay and wood blocks, and gleam for decorative purposes. I had to travel like 2000+ blocks away from the capital (~3 hours of searching in every direction from it) to find a nice secluded place that’s far enough from everyone to not get overcrowded — that’s another thing I don’t like, when I look out of the window and see someone building something huge and flashy just in front of the lake I was admiring all this time. You get the idea.

@G_Sage, ooh, this looks like a neat family nest indeed! Add a couple towers in the corners and you got yourself a castle!

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Thank you!

Then we should go build like a secret monastery somewhere when the game is finally released! Only tasteful builders allowed :stuck_out_tongue:


I would love to do that. Secret monasteries are my jam! :sunglasses: