hi all!

if possible add other localization for this game ( Italian, German, French, Spanish )?

Many players hope in other languages for more fun in this game.

Many people I know, do not play this beautiful game, because they know
little English and are afraid of the idea of a game where they would
understand little or no English.

I am sure, if you translate the game with subtitles in other language many players play this beautiful game.


This is discussed in


it would be worth it to extend a few additional languages later, Iā€™m Polish, for me there is no problem to communicate in English, but is aware of the fact that not everyone is familiar with the language, I also know how many people are not playing your game because I just do not understands everything.
Therefore, as I got the words to be translated from English into Polish it is possible to attract new customers.
It probably will not be too difficult.

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