Locations from all hunting meet points (except rtg hunts)

hey dear community…
dont have enough time to explore every world and search 4 them…
pls post here if you know any hub locations…

hub owner


ps hub
1234. 1234
Mr. Pink

maybe some1 can tell me here or pm why the big hub guilds dont link theyre hubs to everyone else big hub owners on the same planet… that means a better connection 4 every1, and more footfall 4 each hub owner… just want to say… like this


You have to realize now as TNT/Terra hub Lamblis i am going to check your portal again and add the routes to your sigh right. And you can ask other networks to add routes to your signs to😉. So long i am still building at my hubs saves mee oort.

Ill keep my eye on this topic any way incase if there is a Planetary network popping up I don’t know of.

Known to me TNT, PS, ULT, Tigss, (Terra hub TTC project network)…

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To add if you want Tiggs lamblis use my Terra hub to Anterra Central on the road a little south i have a connection to Tigss

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You can access other hubs from Ultima, they have portals to the PS hub and Aquatopia in the main portal area. Not sure if that’s what you meant!

Absolutely love the amethyst and gold decor! Looks amazing


thx nearly everybody tell me “i love your style…” but pls notice, nothing is finished. ive started everything and finished nothing cause ill try a few things to see how nice it looks… its gonna take a few month until everything ive started get finished…


hub… hunthive
Coords…@1,600N -803E ish
hub owner Orrian



is every hub from tnt, iconic, ultima etc connected like the ps hubs.

if it is, i need another locations

all hunting meet point with a utc time when hunts normaly started, to refresh my hunting info point, and take care of that people who dont use discord… like allmost every new player…
as i started playing, i thought the first 2 weeks im allone @ my starter planet… and it take more than 2 month until i realized where one hunt get started.
are there any guilds who post hunts in ingame chat except river town guild?