Locations list - so short you cant even have 1 location *per planet!*


I know this has been mentioned a thousand times already, but…

We need a longer Locations list!

The list is so short, you currently can’t even have one location per planet! :crazy_face:

And please, please sort the list alphabetically when you are choosing a warp destination (they way it is on the Locations tab normally!). :smile:


Yeah that’s going to be a problem for me, since i usually bookmark the hub that I entered the planet through. :smile:


Yeah, Ive used up my entire Location list saving one portal hub location on each planet (and now theres to many planets to do even that).

So, I’ve had to resort to beaconing a single little plot near any interesting locations i want to be able to port to.

Kinda sad that we have to do that.

Also be nice to be able to port to or create a token from manually entered coordinates, though I can imagine arguments against it.


Guys theres a lil work around for it. It takes an extra spot in your inventory but works. Carry a beacon on ya and plant it down. The beacon will always be in beacons list and can be warped to. Untill they hear us and add more. After its planted down just break it and move on.


even if not fueled?


Yea ive been doin it. You dont leave the beacon there. Just put it down. Then pick back up. It should show up in your beacons list then. Just name it and you should be able to warp to beacon.


Yall are welcome :grin: i love all my boundless friends!


we’ve begged for this one before to. No reason to cap the list. It can’t use that much memory.


We also need a Locations list with categories you can create so it’s more organized and less of the big mess it currently is.


Like this? :wink:


I mean yes. But I haven’t seen this in-game yet sooo… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thats because its a card from the ‘official’ unofficial Community Wishlist, on Trello.
( https://trello.com/b/S44FKdF9/boundless-community-wishlist-roadmap )

Theres an official Roadmap one also.
( https://trello.com/b/w3PvuO3w/boundless-community-roadmap )

It got used a bit at first but people kept posting on the forums instead of there, so it kind of died out, unfortunately. It was a good way to keep from having the same suggestion show up in 30 different posts.

Kinda wish we could get more people over there. You can see whats already been suggested, comment on it, :+1: it, etc.



Location list needs to be sorted or we end up with this sort of mess at the Delta Cancret PS Hub and this is only one side of it


might even be a good idea to add per planet filters, maybe like an 'all locations" tab and a “current planet only” tab


People just need to understand that once its placed and picked back up it stays in your beacon list until you remove it yourself.


People understanding that is not a proper solution. A proper solution is limitless location lists (filterable preferably), it can even be client side, if it so much burden to keep it server side.