Logic blocks - Mechanical System

I know this is a very long way off and that there has been some discussion about electricity logic blocks but I was thinking maybe we could do something a bit different with Oort. Something more mechanical with gears as a base. Perhaps similar things have been brought up before but I wanted to add my two cents. I think that you could achieve much the same results that a certain red stone could do but in a different and unique way. One of the things that I loved about that certain red stone is that I actually learned something about electrical engineering as I started to play with it. I think with a mechanical system it would be much the same as it would take some thought and study to build.

As I am much more of a visual person, so here is an example of what I mean.

There are many things you could do with it.
Engines that run continual as long as they have fuel.
Pulley systems
You can change speeds and power depending on size and teeth of the gear.
Drive shafts, screw gears, and pistons.
Windmills that crush grain.

I am sure you guys could come up with many more ideas. What do you all think? Could it work?


It’s a good idea but I’d say it should only be a little part of a bigger system.
Like you said basic things like windmills could be achieved that way but for more advanced stuff I’d like to have a better, clearer and less bulky way to build what I want^^

I was thinking that we might have to mix it with some “magic” to make everything that we would want but I thought it might be a good place to start.

What kind of big stuff do you want to build?

I also found Redstone to be quite bulky.

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This is a great idea!!!

What would you do with a windmill?

Pump water or make flower

Sounds good to me.

The ‘gears on sides of blocks’ thing was the precursor to redstone in minecraft waaaay back in the early days. I’m pretty sure it was scrapped due to it being a lot more work and having a lot more limitations. I wouldn’t mind something like ‘rotating blocks’ that you can stick things to and ‘sensing blocks’ that can sense… stuff I guess.

I am no programer, but I can’t imagine it is much more work than an circuit system would be. All the gears need to be is a spinning animation.

Also I am not sure what limitations there would be, I am sure we could come up with creative solutions to them all. It is not just gears. We could have latches, levers, springs, pendulums, pistons, shafts, pulleys, belts, etc.

As far as bulkyness it is going to take a box per gear but I don’t think that would be any different from any other system. In fact it might be less considering the weird things you had to do to go vertical with red stone.

Just think about steam trains, watches, typewriters, and even calculators, all done without electricity.

it is much more work because you need animations for both directions of rotation and for every size of gear. The logic behind it might be more difficult too. I mean redstone just had to glow and there were some rules implemented, that was it.

I think I remember them saying that if something like that would be implemented, most of the time we woulnd’t be able to see it. And want something like that for the majority of the system.

Someone posted an idea about kinda phase shifting so you could build all the wires into blocks and see through everything so it wouldn’t be as bulky as redstone is.

Well maybe we don’t have red stone or gears,but a new way of powering things. I’ll have to think about it but,I’m sure we can come up with something.