Logo system

Okay so this i do not have the slightest clue on how long it would take to make @ben but i hope you would consider it since it has many uses.

Okay. many of you have prob seen black ops 2’s emblem creator, its actually really simple but really genius at the same time. but for those who havent, this is how it works:

the emblem editor in this game was pretty simple, you started with a bunch of normal shapes, such as square, circles, triangles and so on, letters too, you could also unlock more unique shapes as you played the game and completed challenges, such as weapon signs, ranks and so on.

the edtior allowed you to make 32 layers of shapes (i think, not entirely sure on the amount) that you could then put on top of each other, the basic shapes could be mirrored, increased in size, decreased in size, get turned, get distorted which as you can imagine let to some insane possiblities

and so on. ofc there were also some disgusting ones and inappropiate ones, but that is at that is.

So now to Oort. i imagine this would work really well for quite a bit of things in oort online. the basis would be something like this system. so here we go


i think having towns and trade is going to be an important thing in oort online when it gets further down the line, when you have towns you would generally have traders, but its really hard to distinguish what buildings are smiths, inns, tailors and so on unless you know it beforehand, which an outside player prob wont know. there will ofc be some sort of text sign system but i think it would be nice if you could make signs and combine with the emblem editor to make something like this:

if you allowed the basic wooden plate and then allowed people to use the emblem editor they could create a truly unique sign, i might for example want a shop called ‘‘the flaming ember’’ so i would make a sign wih the letters in the top ‘‘The flaming ember’’ and below that i would have an emblem i made which might be 2 crossed swords with a flaming gem behind them, and then under i would write ‘‘Weaponsmith’’

that way when people enter the city and is confused they can see the sign hanging over the door and instantly know what type of shop it is. this also goes for tailors, inns and so on, it would create more clarity.


i talked about earlier how people could agree on 1 color for a guild to know that it is them and they are together, but this emblem system could also be used for creating a guild emblem that can be used for several different things. having a specific requirement for the guild unlocked would make all of the guilds crafters able to place their guild logo on the items they make, from armor to weapons.

They could also be used on banners and flags which would be epic decoration, so allowing people to make banners that they can hang in their guild hall with the guild logo placed on it.

also if you get the time you could make a craftable flag that people could walk around with, that would be really nice with the RP elements of the game, imagine a group of people coming riding and the front rider has the guild flag in hand so everybody can see who they are.


it could be something that adds even more customization to the game, allow crafters to place emblems on the things they create, if they could scale up you could make huge patterns around the armor so a bulky chestpiece might start to look like an elven armor because somebody took the time and efford to create a beautiful spiraling pattern in a goldish color or something like that.

i hope you will think about it because i imagine it will have even more uses than what i just mentioned. sorry for the long post xD


It would be pretty cool :smiley: But wouldn’t it be easier to just allow the players to import PNGs/JPEGs and use them?

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there you’d have less control over the content and there would be less creativity involved I imagine.

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Basically. would also be easier to abuse and i can imagine there would be some type of copyright on it?

would also be weird to have high def pictures on flags and stuff. in case it atleast makes a bit of sense.

But people could create own logos per hand :slight_smile: I think there would be great logos and not too much work for the devs

should i remind you how much pornography is on the internet and how stupidly easy that would be to implement?

also what would be the difference on making it hand ingame and outgame? other than your option allows to post stuff you havent created yourself and would be high def

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Yeah thats true :confused: An logo creator would be really cool but it could be abused as well

it can, but not nearly to the same extend. anything with power can be abused.

That’s true :confused: It’s kinda sad

‘‘The beauty of power is how fragile it is, give people the power to build and they will use it to destroy, give them the power to be free and they will use it enslave others, every coin has two sides.’’

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But I like the logo system :slight_smile: I wonder if it’s much work to code :confused:
@ben I summon you to enlighten us :smiley:

It’s a cool idea, something we’d talked about doing post 1.0 seeing as it’s not core to the game, but yeah, like it!


dang. but alright :smiley:

im currently writing a loooong post about skill trees, just so you have been warned XD

you can count on my opinion about it^^

its like 800 words long by now and im not even finished, and i just wrote an english assignment on 250 words and had a hard time figuring out what to write, the irony always strikes me xD


I would think something more like WoW’s guild crest design system would be more fitting an easier to implement than CoD’s system. While the variety and creativity may not be the same, you could still achieve millions of unique looks with a simpler approach and also negate the need to police rude or dirty art.

wows guild crest designer is not even close to ‘‘millions of unique looks’’ its just boring :confused:

okay if you count every single detail as one then you can get pretty high numbers, but its still useless in my eyes, the biggest reason i wanted it was so i could make signs for my shop.

Damn. i have to take that back, if you count every single color combination and border too then you can do

17 912 832 different combinations, so the chance of making the same is rather small, only problem i have with it is that there is a limit to what you can do with the limited icons (if we assumed the border and stuff and whatever followed)

Wow operates on a simple clip art layer system. While they have not added new patterns for years, they very easily could and people would still ■■■■■ about variety. There is like 75 crests, 20 borders and 30 colors. That’s a ■■■■ load of possible looks for a minimal system. Let’s say instead oort gives you 5 layers instead. Suddenly the complexity grows exponentially. Now add the ability to change the layout a few ways. Millions more unique looks. It doesn’t take an expensive program to provide near endless possibilities.
Edit: pardon my language, I curse like a sailor when on my mobil, no offence!

i just want to be able to write the name on my sign over the emblem >:<