Long lasting Bossfights

So i recently finished watching the anime ‘‘Gate’’. quite entertaining although a bit annoying that it doesn’t have an end, the reason i bring it up is because i quite like a thing that happens, this massive fire dragon attacks the caravan of soldiers, they manage to force it away but it is so strong that they cant kill it, so at another point they meet it again where it is wounded from the previous battle, this reminded me of another game i played called ‘‘Infinity blade’’ i think, an ipad game, you would go from battle to battle, but in between this red dragon would come and attack you, with an absolutely insane amount of hp, what i found out though was that the point was not to kill it, but to dmg it because it would still have taken the same dmg later on, meaning the point was to get as much as possible each time and then slowly whittle it down.

This is something i think would be great to see in Boundless, one of the surveys mentioned how long a titan fight should take and one of the options were days, now we dont have full knowledge of how they work now and it would probably come with multiple implications, but as i can see now titans have one core, what if there were a titan that had 4 cores? you fight your way into the middle and there are 4 cores, you can only destroy one, after that you will get a good reward, get thrown off the titan and then the titan would open a portal to another world on that tier, the players cannot enter the portal however they can look at it and try to figure out from that which world it went to. when the last core is destroyed, the team that destroys it gets a bigger reward than those only taking single cores, this would allow for dedicated titan slayer teams to not only find a titan, but find it, defeat part of it, retrack it again and then do it over.

This does come with problems i know, and i can imagine that for most it sounds like a hassle than anything else. and technical difficulties, it was just to try and use something we already know we will have, namely titans.



This would encourage players to come back to Boundless regularly too, so they can complete their boss fight for the rewards.I would love long lasting goals to follow. It’s like the combat equivalent of building a large base!
Its a good idea, I’d get on board with that!

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It is interesting - as far as I could comprehend the current structure of the game, it is possible that titans have to be built by players ingame by collecting goods, technology, artifacts, devices, etc.
Or defined via an external tool like Mave. I’m not sure if I lost the track on this in the forum, or if there is sparse info about it. If I’m wrong, take it as an idea. Because it would also be an idea to find those titans which exist pregenerated - one in each world, and bring them down. Also an alternative could be to find relics of titans which could either be reaped or brought back to life again by adjusting the missing components at the right places of the titans.
I think @clexarews once brought up an English term which was new to me - the incentive to play. Such things would definitely be a motivational spark for me wander, search and discover in Boundless.
I believe as single player game, Boundless won’t do, if you’re up to building or bringing down a titan. I think that much I can tell or speculate so far. I think the actual point which excites me about it, is that u could really see progression in dealing damage (or the opposite) to a titan, by collecting material from a titan or put special element blocks together to form a device, and finally to make the whole thing fly.
I’ve seen the latest trailer again yesterday, and it’s awesome. The titan core is incredible. If you take into consideration to build such a massive structure with your friends or guildmates, what do you think, how long does it take to gather each and every component. Maybe gather a small amount of core substance and link it to the outlining frames and shapes and build a freely levitating home similar to the house @karko described in his homebuilding contest.