Look what I found

Is this new? Or have I just been missing alot when grappling around the Oortiverse?

Side note: I laughed for several minutes watching him bounce around.


I would think that is a new thing…?

Great, now I have nightmares and playing Oort became like playing really scary horror game.

Think about this:

You come from cutting wood and grapple back to your house in mountains. You open door and go inside to craft something from your newly acquired wood when suddenly you turn around and see this thing 1 metre away from you staring to your soul…

But seriously, I think you´re first one to find that…that…thing…

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Found two of them on Ruchs!


What is that?! and is it really a thing?! + When did the Picaxe Shovel and Axe get an Icon?

EDIT: Was just online, so Devy are making Updates without telling us now, huh? Thats not nice, Some people have Nightmares now because of you devs!

damn they are so creepy i logged in and there are two outside my house and i guess the devs just snuck it up on us as a little change on another note do any of you know how to craft arrows

found them too :open_mouth:

@ben @james what’s going on?

I noticed that the tools look different now too. They actually have icons now instead of placeholder names, and the slingshot is now a BOW.

Did I miss an update post?..

I was thinking the same thing…

also you cant craft the pebble anymore so i’m confused on how we are supposed to make the arrows

Just found it, Timber and Stone.

WHAT IS THAT!??!!11!one


thanks ill do that then i wonder if we can kill them

holy friggan cow if you shoot them they fight back it almost killed me i had no clue why i was getting hurt and we can kill them its time to take our territory back mwahahahahahahahahahaha

Sorry STICKS. too excited

sticks and granite try that

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Zouls that was my find :stuck_out_tongue:

i know. i wanted to write your name but i was too lazy xD

ya i found out but i almost died they dont hurt that bad but i didnt know they could attack

Oortians! Check out the release notes for more info: https://forum.oortonline.com/t/release-106-bow-arrow-and-ambient-creature-update/1608