Looking for 5,120 plain glass in a bluish tint(Meaning similar to blue, not blue glass)

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The closer to this tint the better, but I’m not picky since I’m looking for cheap glass. It should be fine as long as it’s bluish for a cheap price. Perm colors are preferred as I’d rather not pay premium exo level prices if possible.

Check out my build at IronVale on Phem, I’m using an oxide blue tint glass in my build and have some of it placed already.
It is an exo color though.
But will give you an idea of that shade at least.

I would suggest cool blue glass. I’ve got about 2500 of it I can spare. And it’s not that hard to make…

Yeah, colors like bright blue and cool blue would work. I just didn’t want to say a specific color so that even someone with a different bluish color could make an offer.