Looking for a business partner (partner found)

hey you!
I’m looking for a business partner to forge tier-1 tools, hammers, and shovels only.

you will be given access to the shop stands on THE FUTURE OF FARMS
the future of farms is used by many days in and out,
the benefit of selling at the farms is that the prices can be higher for the tools
if people need tools they will buy them, instead of walking back home or searching for them.

Now having said this, all I ask is 10% of the sales
we communicate the amount being put on sale.
I do not take the coins from the stands, you do, you are in charge.
can you trust me? yes, you can! so I expect that the other way around too.

interested? let me know!


Good idea, too bad I don’t have an account that forging works on. And that I’m not good at English for communication.

Communication should be the least problems since I’m also always here to translate into German if needed. :slight_smile:

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spot has been filled