Looking for a city

Twisted Dragon Guild has a Guild Planet and has a City right next to water. We are easy going and love helping new players! You will need to be level 15 to get to the planet but the guild can help you level fast!
If you want to find out more just join our discord and someone will help you out getting started!

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i’m not interested in entering a sovereign or guild planet i prefer the normal planets

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What issue do you have with Sov planets?

it worries me the fact that it expires and that if the owner wants me out … i’m out

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Thats understandable. As long as you play by the “rules” you won’t have any issues. For example, platforms, all gleam/led builds are not allowed, and being 5+ plots away from the next builder is our requirement (Major ones anyway) So forced reclaims really are only done for those who will not play well with others…

Our guild sov is paid up for nearly 16 weeks so its not going away anytime soon.

Just some food for thought. We are always open to further discussion, if you want through discord, and there is no pressure to join! Any questions/comments/concerns you may have, let us know. We are more than open to them!

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you’re with DragonTamer i presume

i dunno… maybe i can give it a try

You have no obligation to a guild no worries. The vast majority of the Boundless community is respectful and helpful. Of course you are free to settle where you feel better, sometimes it is good to surround yourself with people who only want to help you.


Up to you and Yes I am an Admin with the Twisted dragons guild @SClayton and @DragonTamer Guild.

and to clarify, for a level 4 planet. Character level 12 is the minimum to get to our sov (Because of the protection 1 point in caustic required) but we can help get you up there if you need/want the help.

But just some tips/help and hope you find the home you are looking for. If its us or another guild just looking to help :slight_smile: Finding the right guild for what suites you. We can be one option out of many others. Just looking to help you in your quest for a boundless family :smile:


Check out Grandeur located on sochaltin I. We are a small guild but we are growing. We just ask to leave a plot in between another build for a road.


D: I woulda been disqualified from contest instantly (Q.Q) LOL

You should try Glitch World they Friendly low Tier World acceptance of all players @noniethepup
There more but me just wakey so 1st guild pop in mind lol


I didn’t vote or make up that rule :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t build so good thing I refrain from making gleaming tower of piza :slight_smile:

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Hi Hi!

I am Nonie! I am the Guild Owner of Glitch World, But also ONE of the Owners of the city! I share this responsability so no one has to wait for just one person, as we have a District System. We are on a public, level 1 world, and have lots of space for someone to build, grow and learn without pushing them toward any one thing. We are active [mostly at night US Eastern time] but we have quite a few stay at home or working from home folks who pop in and out through the day.

We have a Discord here: https://discord.gg/GJsz3mV

We have a few tiny house rules:

  1. Have fun!
  2. We don’t build for presteige,w e build just to build.
  3. Don’t be a butt [No one wants to hear --well what butts have to say :P]

We do accept all age ranges of players, New. Old, Young, Old. And a LOT of our community either has a Twitch account, or is a Streamer. So it’s like a Twitch made city.

You can access us through any network I think, I know all the major ones.

Portal Seekers,
GTG Underworld

Plus many more!

Here is a slightly outdated: 11/12/20 map of our city. Some of it is cut off due to window size

We have a starting store here:

If you need basic materials, as well as some older but beautiful sights around the city!

Plus so much more!


Have to agree with this. I’m sure there’s lots of amazing guilds out there but for sure Glitch is a good choice. Been around a long time, super friendly and genuine in wanting to help :slight_smile: plus as new PC player they have a great discord with other PC players to chat with! It’s also home of the Best unicorn you’ll see in this game!


All the above cities are very lively with awesome people!

One more choice for you, city of EZPZ :smile:


Honestly the best thing to do is build by yourself in the middle of nowhere and just link to guild mates via portals. But that’s just my preference. :rofl: there’s a lot of good suggestions for city’s to join up above. If you ever need some inspiration for underground builds the Towers of Power is probably somewhere you should check out. :beers:


Well since I am here I might as well put this links

We are friendly. :smile:


Brown Town is located on Finata. We are super friendly, newbie friendly and we have a large number of active players. We host beginner friendly hunts every day.


They’re not just beginner friendly hunts, they are also good for some of us chronologically challenged oldies too :grin: … I’ve managed to get on a few and would definitely recommend them to anyone who hasn’t given them a go yet.


You’re a peach :heart: glad you enjoy them.