Looking for a couple forged items

I’m looking for a Wayfarer’s Totem with Auto Harvest, Solidifier, Glow, and the Clear Weather Quirk. I’m also looking for some Emerald Grapples with Level 10 Range (+30m) and at least Level 8 Projectile Speed and Reel Speed (+40m/s). A Rift Grapple with comparable stats would also be of interest. Does anyone have these in stock or know somewhere that sells them?

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Hi there @cjmarsh

I will make 4 Emerald grapples with max range + max reel in/out + max project.speed.
If you want to buy them for 8500 each (personal trade) then I can help you out on that item.

Will forge them anyway but they need to process 1 hour.

Let me know if you want that, ok ?

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I offer 100k/pair for these at any time. I have paid as much as 65k per grapple. I prefer dura over reel speed but nonetheless.

It’s been over a year since I could get a pair. Though TBF I don’t “shop around” for them a lot.

4 Emerald grapples with max range + max reel in/out + max project.speed are processing now…

Yeah that sounds good to me. I’ll give you 34k for the 4 grapples.

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Cool, will let you know when they are done processing. I will be online.

hi, try Bavaria on Imoco. maybe there is something for you.


Thank you for this deal. You have 4 grapples now :slight_smile:

@SWProzee1 Thanks a lot for the grapples and for the tour! Really nice items and you’ve got some impressive builds.


You have a great shop, lots of good stuff. Thanks for the tip!

You’ve got me excited. Will Do.

thank you, i try to do the best.

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Thank you ! :slight_smile:


OK I learned two things tonight.

1: Octigrid chisels into awesome small chains.

2: This is a guy who can deliver 4 of these in 48 hours:

I won’t even tell you what he asked - I paid extra.

If you go through TNT Imoco spend a minute and look around. Magnificent build. Solid Forger. Friendly Guy. Unless you’re the clown that plotted a stripe right through the middle of his base :frowning:

All in all though a pleasant visit, good business, I definitely recommend both.

Thanks again Blendly :smile:


Thank you for your trust, I was very happy to have met you. I am happy about every nice visitor and always try to give the best. Bavaria is a guild that doesn’t care about millions of coins and prestige :heart_eyes:. Thank you again.


So much hype that I guess I need to pay Bavaria a visit when I get home again on Tuesday… :ok_hand:


You’re welcome, the beer is cold :beer:

(O.O) what did you pay for those gems ,D: