Looking for a couple of growth colors

Looking for some growth colors: Need around 50 or so of each color:
Strong Lavender
Silk Lavender
Deep Lavender
Warm Blue

If you have a shop stand, let me know where to look for it and I’ll come shopping…unless it’s super expensive…like I suppose black might be?

roxies (via TNT megahub, ground floor, mall section) will probably be your best bet for quantity and great price
Completely misread the request there :man_facepalming:

I’ll double check and see what I have. All the colors are in world control except for Deep Lavender, Strong Lavender and Black. Meaning you may can find them somewhere on a planet.

Of course, you may not want to farm these, but figured I’d share.

with growth is a little problem, they are usually hard to find, as you know i love natural deco blocks, as growth but il check my loot from zanarkand and alba nuadh
you know, sometimes growth is just in the water, sometimes few blocks combined with tangles or foliages at trees, sometimes along with mould just laying at ground, sometimes they are nowhere to be find

Red thanks for list, ill check them tomorrow

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i got all the colors and got them split into 50, whats your offer for all of it?

Sending PM :slight_smile:

I figured sme might be available, but as noted, uless you buy a planet for it, sometimes it’s not worth it to run looking :)) I love finding big old piles of growth, it’s just a fun patterns on the top!


Not only did i get the growth, but a GREAT idea for a use of resin. Can’t wait to play around with it a bit ;)))

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