Looking for a good region XP farm to use

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Looking for a region XP farm that I can use to level up one of my characters. (Besides the Viking one, I just need another so my pie doesn’t go to waste)

dark landing from the tnt hub 49 region xp farm because berlin dungeon is a complete area

Edit; its a region not an area

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GTG hub had access to their region farms - one large world and a few smaller ones; each world main region portal hub has connection to the next xp farm so its easy to use.
I wonder if it’s till there @NickkThatsGood ?

It is currently still built… however, it is not currently fueled…

Got some big projects releasing very soon. One of which, will be the reopening of those XP farms also!

Thanks for the shoutout, and sorry it is currently down! <3

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Thanks @DeadDigger I used Dark Landing and it was really good. @NickkThatsGood been meaning to use that one. I was wondering if there was any others…

Through Noodle at GTG global.

Relatively new player here — what’s an “XP farm”?

I’m guessing it’s something to do with exploration; maybe a set of portals to different regions on a single world so you can get explorer XP without having to really walk anywhere?

basically yes

Edit: Dont forget the pies though!

Hope it helps

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Thanks, that’s very helpful. I had no idea such easy sources of XP existed. I must have walked past a few of those XP farm portals already without realising.