Looking for a Lost City

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I asked this in the Boundless Discord, but I figured I’d try here too; see where I get the answer the fastest. Does anyone remember where the Icon or Iconic settlement is? I wanted to head over there for a video and I cannot for the life of me, remember how to get there. I know it still exists (in part) as I found it not too long ago and, like a genius, did not mark the spot.



The only Icon area I remember would be near the old PS Biitula hub. Not sure if that’s the one you’re looking for.

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That’s the very one! Do you remember where the old PS hub was?

@PixelatedTwix do you mean iconicsberg city?

EDIT: If it is then here is coords to it from a snapshot of a design I liked… 1,318N -824E … Hope this is what you are looking for… :slight_smile:


Ooo! I’ll try those! Planet Bese?

@PixelatedTwix it’s that lost city in Biitula I believe you are looking for

Okay, thanks so much!!! Just in time for me to record!

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I hope there is still something left of the city for your video :slight_smile:

You’re awesome! Found it! And yes, plenty left to see!


And people make fun when I take snapshots of everything and anything :rofl:… glad you found it :blush: