Looking for a marble dealer

i need black our night azure
white our alternative white preferable white
if any off these are exo stuff we can look for alternative color
this is for my new base an egyptian temple complex
got cash
but also price adviser’s :wink:

@ghandymarshall over at nova golda might be able to help you out


Check Sweet Candy in Kindred Bay on Sorissi. They have a portal in the Naughty Mall Lobby. I like them because they have a great selection of colors and usually more than 50 pieces available…

Nova Golda is slightly better price wise, but unless you’re looking for only a few pieces they aren’t much help in a huge build. (Maybe they take special orders?), but I do shop there when I’m looking for marble/mosaic/gravel so it’s worth checking.


Are “Price advisors” people that don’t have it but think it should be cheap?

What price are they advising you to offer? Also what quantities do you need?

@Greenheart (^-^)


the price people tell me all over the place ranging from 50 to 180 so im def confused
ow my price advisor is almund he seem to know the market well

It’s difficult to fill an order with no price or quantity.

its dificult to give an order if i dont know the price lol

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are you looking for 50 -100 marble?

500 - 1000?


I do have a fixed price for SEBA if you want to shortcut the labor and easy materials.

Marble tends to be 80-100 depending on the Colour obviously. @ghandymarshall is where I tend to go for marble or refined gravel

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can ya beat Handtrade black 65 and white 70 ?

I don’t know if I would produce white marble for 100c to be honest. It’s a lot of block changing and I usually avoid that.

Black for 65 is no problem. I have about 400 on hand but could produce plenty.

what would you sell for if we made it cool slate

I don’t have any cool slate metamorphic.

If it’s available the same price is fine but it will add time. I will PM you with regard to some math here.

I’m not interested in being part of a bid war.

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He does do special orders, just contact him here. His marble is usually selling fast, well the popular colours are like black and white and it’s a bit of a hassle to have a lot of stock of it since it requires all those darn essences!

@the-moebius He also sells bricks BTW :wink:

Which Templer so you want to build ?

I ve build 5 of 6 Pyramids of Giza right now and will build also egyptian templs . The Front of my big Pyramids will Change If i Gott all Material together.
Perhaps you will create your building beside me and we make a big egyptian area , i am located on Arie River Town Portal Hub then Go to Pyramids of Giza Plateau Portal in the First Floor.

hey sorry im building on nia zed ka actually my friend pharao is building it
@PharaohNai he def gonna wonna see what you build for sure he very fond off piramids :smile:


That’s a great design

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@the-moebius I sell marble at my shop Ooh La La in Duskmoor for 55c each! I will do large orders in 24 to 48 hrs for 50c each. Any colour of your choice. PM me :slight_smile:


Looks nice the temple , in Future want to build temple of Karnak, but First i ve enough to do with the Pyramids :grin::grin::grin::grin:

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