Looking for a master forger


Looking for someone who is willing to forge for me (in exchange for coin ofcourse) Anyone out there who is looking to make some good coin? =)


what kind of items do you need forged? I’m sure we can work something out.


Mainly slingbows and grapples but also sometimes hammers, axes and shovels.


I am the forgemaster at The Golden Fist on Imdaari. Drop me a line and let me know what you’re looking for and we’ll try to make it happen.


You looking for non quirky? Or are quirks ok? Just wondering. I forge without quirks and it wasn’t mentioned.


You have a great shop,I visit regular.Assembly has a good idea.I am looking for some diamond aoe cross hammers to buy just while I learn how to make them myself.I was in the diamond mines in malakurib hunting portal network and 2 kind boundless honeys came swiftly over to me and saw my titanium hammer and throw me a diamond aoe hammer that does everything and wow I’ve been hooked ever since on mining.I got such a buzz from using this hammer that I’m addicted to mining.It was so fast and I got over hundred diamonds in a short time.It was my first proper mining trip so this has got me trying to find those superdooper hammers.Anyway just had to mention this.These two people didnt even want money for it.Your golden fist is really good .Its a great idea.Hope you’ll be around along time.I think your prices are reasonable too.


Come by sometime and I’ll show you the forge and you can forge an aoe hammer. You can keep what you make.


That go for everyone?? Lmao I’ll ■■■/free forge a tool :rofl:


Guess can’t say b. U. M.


Yes, I’ll give almost anyone a forge lesson and let them keep what they make. If you show promise forging, I’ll even pay you to forge more.


I tried forging a bit but I find it hard to hit that button at the right time to get a trait on it.Is it purely luck getting those traits etc on? I’m on about getting the yellow bar up when you add stuff.(think it’s called boon points for something.Ive not done a whole lot yet but did try about 20 times to raise that yellow bar up but It took loads of goes just to get it bumped up.If there was a timer you could look at to press on the exact spot when that wheel thing spins then I would enjoy forging as I would know when to press the button.I have my alt as the forger but until I can master getting that yellow bar up then it’s a waste of time because I wont be able to get aoe on my hammers or bombs.I will need to be shown when to press it.Luckily Tonezone you sell those nice diamond aoe hammers I use ,so I’m thankful your selling them now.I popped by this morning and bought 2 today.Those hammers are the best compared to those titanium none aoe hammers I used to use.Hope you keep making them to sell.Thanks :):heart_eyes:


This is what makes this community great. Also, you consistently have one of the best stocked and priced shop for coils, so I’m always shopping there. Just wanted to say thanks for being part of the community!


Where the yellow bar lands is automatic/just luck. Clicking doesnt do anything.

Using a stronger boon will give you more points so the bar stays full, e.g. pure boon 3 gives 800 boon, as opposed to pure boon 1 which gives 200. Also the “efffectiveness” of tools, your forge skills, and forge power all matter. 100 effectiveness means you get 100% of the boon compounds base boon points.

So if your effectiveness is 50 and your using pure boon 1, you’ll only get 100 boon points per roll. If youre effectiveness is 200 (max skills, power, gem tools) and youre using pure boon 3 you get 1600 boon points per roll (totally overkill, the bar maxes at 1000).


As Uni3k said, where the slider lands is random and not affected by when you click. However how full the bar is depends entirely on you. Also what boons you get is random, but the odds can be heavily influenced by the use of gums, and you can almost choose what boons you get. (I have been looking for a formula for the gums. If anyone knows how much a gum will affect the probabilities please let me know.)

To be effective at the forge you will need a toon specced for it and may as well have forge skills maxed. This requires 8 points of vitality, power, and intelligence; 5 points in the attributes bonus; and 5 points for the forging epic. That is only 34 skill points so level 17. I can start the machine using a character that has the stats and that will allow you to forge without that handicap. (At the end, it actually says the name of the toon on the item who did the forging not the one who started the machine. I think that’s pretty neat.) Since forging with lower stats would result in different ideal recipes and strategies it is probably not a good idea as it would build bad practices.


Hi thanks for replying and giving a good bit of info on forging.I have just got to get forge epic and then ive got all the right points in the right place on my alt character.Im only about 10 points away from level 50 on my second character ( alt) so when I’ve put 5 points into forge epic then I will give the forging a whirl.When i know how to forge then I can make my own aoe hammers.Cant wait ! I’m gonna follow javittas videos and hopefully I will do it right.Boundless is so much fun!


Thankyou for this info.Great feedback !!!


This is also a pretty good guide


Sorry this master forger is all tied up.


Wow this info should be added into the game for the best guide to forging.ThIs is so easy to follow thankyou !


You’re welcome. I just found out about it too last week