Looking for a new settlement (not big city) to start a new home (im not a new player)

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Hi there,

Ive played boundless a long time and I want to create a new home, maybe in some ones settlement or small town. Dont like to have a massive city or ghost town!


If there are other people that like to start a new city we can do it together, i would really like to build an underground type of city (Search Lotr Moria on google)



@Abeloech is making a town in Circarpous along with another person. You should get in contact with him, welcome back btw


Hey man, Thanks for the info ill send him a message. Thanks, i havent been active for a while haha


Welcome back and good luck on your Project!


Maybe Ancient Gate on Biitula is your thing for a peaceful home:

We are 3-4 active players right now and there are still a lot of prime plots available.
You can find us behind the Ultima Biitula Portal or on the Portal Seekers Biitula Hub behind the Ancient Gate Portal.


If u want to start on a low tier World u can visit Kyoto in Sochaltin I and if u find a place settel there too


The Sunlight Guild on trior would be happy to have ya also of course (:
Got about 4 daily players rn. Still building our small city/town.
Its peaceful. Good people. Lots of space.
Feel free to check us out (:


i was thinkering with the idea to build berryville lol nice to see ya back :+1:
ow olmost forgot we have pretty nice farming town setup for futur farm update feel free to join us if you think you need a farm :+1:


Blue Soul Village is a welcoming neighborhood, we’re more of a vacation area I think lol.


haha berryville, filled with berry shop stands? xD Farms will be nice i will think about it thanks! :smiley:


I have a medieval town going on PM to see more.