Looking for a place to build a shop


Yo I been looking for a place to setup a shop for a awhile and I haven’t found a place yet. It doesn’t have to be free I don’t mind paying I have over 200k to spend and I can make more if needed. Let me know if there’s a place I can setup.

My shop will sell cheap advanced coils and cheap forges and do custom jobs.


New Leyden Market does not have any shop selling coils so it will be probably a nice addition to the market.


Angel I, Odin’s Rest/Keepers of the Secret words have spots available and a pretty active group of players


Gyosha Mall is also a good, relatively new but booming shopping area. Definitely worth a look whether you add a shop here or not.


We have a shopping mall in our Leviathan settlement pm me and we can talk about getting you started :blush:


You are indeed more than welcome at New Leyden Market!

You can’t go wrong with a market that was featured in one of Jiivita’s videos and where he said he wants a shop of his own!


i sadly cant buy coils until now, because i allmost only buy my stuff in new Leyden.
so if you open your coil shop there i might finally be able to buy some!


I recommend that you open a shop in more than one locations. Some players won’t want to do the traveling and many new players won’t know about the portals in the Ultima hub.
Talked with a guy a few days ago who was new and ready to quit, said he knew no one, had no idea of what to do and where things are located. Knew him from another discord and told him to stop by and I had some items for him. He hasn’t been back on as far as I can tell.

Anyhow, open one in G. Mall, I have a shop there, name is The Making of Greatness, selling items to use in making food and some food. The one in New Leyden Market I have visited there and they have some nice stuff and plenty of room for more shops.
Will need to go and check out the others today. Set up quick, LOL I have the rubies, diamonds and topaz to make my coils but not the other gems and after making them I think I want to buy the next set needed. Bought the emeralds ones for the mixer, so I think I only need two more. Not counting the centraforge.


How do I get there


There’s a portal in ultima mall on the first floor, a portal on the first level of the ultima shop/player portal area, ps lamblis, gellis prime, river towns(Arie), pawn shop(finata), taxi hub(finata), taco land(gellis), Oxford street(gellis)


The Gyosha Mall is a great place to set up shop :grin:
The easiest way to get there is from the Gyosha Ophin PS Hub(the portal is up a level behind the Imdaari portal).
We have a few spaces left, and are currently expanding.


I agree with everyone above. These places they referred you to definitely do have their bonuses in each area.

What I’m curious about is where your home is located. How easy of a jump or walk to any of the above places? I’m in Gyosha mall, my home is on pheminorum. Which is a simple quick two portal hop.

Some days I don’t have but a few minutes to play, just enough time to grab my crafted goods out if their respective machines and quick resupply at the store. So in that sense, the Gyosha mall is a perfect suit in my case. Just something to think about.

Edit: didn’t realize this post was already a week old till after I wrote this haha


I maintain a 10 Conduit portal to keep my shop in Gyosha Mall connected to my Workshop on Grovidias Te for just that reason! I love having my shop here, it has benefited my shop greatly!


Yea I’m same as ark, I have a 6 conduit portal from my gyosha mall shop to lead to my big shop which is on the second lower floor of my main base


There are plenty of spots open at Syndicate shopping center on besevrona. I sell odds and ends there as well as some forged gear. But, like janna55 said above, it’s good to have more than one location. You’ll find that items sell differently depending on the tier because of the split between noobies and vets.