Looking for a player named "NotFamous", simply want to ask him a question

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Just as the title suggests, I’d like to ask him about a specific beacon. I have no intention of harassing him or anything of a negative nature. I’ve checked the forums and he doesn’t seemed to be registered under that name if at all. I also checked the official as well as PS Discord channels.

Why am I looking for him? He placed a beacon right next my main build about 6ish weeks ago which I’d planned on plotting once I had another available. I fully understand he had every right to claim it so I’m not upset about it. At the time I believed he planned on building something there but he’s yet to return to it. By this I mean there’s not a single block that’s been placed in this 6 week time span. I’ve not once seen him in the area. I placed signs in several locations requesting he contact me. At times I’ve randomly sent a yell to see if he was even remotely in range. I thought, “Ok no worries, I’ll wait till it runs out and claim then.” Over the past couple weeks his beacon has shown signs of running out of fuel only to find out the next day it’s burning bright again. This leads me to believe he’s got gleamclub which allows auto fuel refill. My guess is he’s completely forgotten about it.

In the end I’d just like to ask him about it and if it turns out he wants to keep it there then I’m fine with it. :slightly_smiling_face: Feel free to have him ping me on the forums or on Discord at IPunchK1ttens#5377

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