Looking for a pro hunter Team!

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Hello citizens!
Its been a very long time since i last really hunted, but now I want to start to hunt once more! (I’m out of resources XD). This time I’m not going to host massive hunts like before. I want hunting to be fun and challenging. this is why I’ve decided to start a pro hunter group.

To a start, I will recruit 6 citizens, to a start but in the end, I would like this group to grow, but not too fast. The goal of this group is to not fight the mobs in a mass mobs but to figure out how to best fight them, use tactics and strategies. Just like what we did in early access and have fun. it will be more of an RPG where everyone has its own role and build to play.

What I Require from you:

  • Like hunting
  • Social
  • Microphone / discord
  • Be able to hunt specific times
  • Be able to hunt on tier 6+ worlds
  • helpful to other players

Hunting times:
Saturday 18:00 (UTC) - 2 hours
Sunday 18:00 (UTC) - 2 hours

So if you are interested please Contact me here on forum or discord “[PS]VirresSs#7811”


Why did you use a screenshot from ‘War of the Worlds’? You know you can just screenshot game footage, right? :thinking:

that’s so funny it looks kinda like it :slight_smile:

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Anyone else that is intrested ive got a few response but need more