Looking for a shop that sells gleam and gleam lanterns


Preferably one that sells of all of them as I want to compare lighting b/w them. I know there is Gleampunk but looking for other options. Thanks

PS- If you have a recommendation, please give directions/location


I have some, not loads, at 20c each.

Alba/Serp Gate on Lamblis, access through Ultima Mall 2nd floor, PS Lamblis first floor and Chisel Knights Lamblis Hub!


Do you have lanterns too?


@AmandaPan is the queen of gleam. she sells almost every color.
wish I could give you directions but I get lost in my own back yard


That’s Gleam punks :stuck_out_tongue:


at black light right?


She has a gleam doors in BL, but her gleam stands are now in Biitula, but you can still access that location via a portal in her shop in BL


Ah, no, sorry, just some gleam.