Looking for all the Block Muesums etc

I’ve found a couple but I know there are more out there that may have gone dark (no portals but still exist).

I know about
Lil Porkchops place - very nice on Angel I with portals at the PS Hub - love it - exo stuff is not retained tho. Future looks bright

All Block Shop (BetaBob’s but defunct and managed by Tamelcoe? Unsure of future for this one - sounds like it maybe go dark and no more updates as this last patch added an overwhelming amount of new blocks.

blocks by world/exo worlds all blocks etc…
or even one that has specialized in something - like the All Color or All Gleam places.

I’ve seen a few other in passing but didn’t keep track of of them.
Trying to put together a comprehensive list and maybe small index shop with location tokens for cheap - so even if they go off the portal grid - they can still be reached.

Soooo… asking your help. I need basic build info on where these places are hiding - World, coords, beacon/settlement name and if possible a description of how to get there from popular spot (like the PS Hub or Hubbit or w/e)

I fuel a couple portals at TABS, I never played on the level Betabob did so I couldn’t stock the shop and it just turned in to a decorative display(of not all the blocks now) Fueling the portals got very taxing after I retired. I was only able to do it for about 4 months so I let most close. Betabob hasn’t played since May and as far as I know he’s passively looking for a buyer hopefully before his GC runs out.

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This has all the Permanent Planets in it and a bunch of Exo ones (at least until I got tired of going to them about 2-3 months ago). It is on CIRCARPOUS I at the TNT Hub. Big white building on the hill.


Lil Porkchop Block Museum just keeps the last 4 exo’s (active and expired) up since I do not have space to add a perm section for exo blocks… glad I made the list… also for the exo’s I do my best to provide tokens to hotspots to help my fellow Oortians get to the good stuff :slight_smile:


Yes XxymoxX - the World Block Museum was one that I had run across and couldn’t find again. Thank you.

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Interesting thing - did you know someone cloned your build in a town on LaSaine? If not, i can drop you the coordinates some time. Ran across it on random.

Wait really?

you being for real?.. now I’m curious to see… where is it located? I’m touched someone liked my idea… should have copyrighted it now I can’t sue lmao :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Savage1der was working on a new one last I knew :slight_smile:

location - PS Hub to Lasaine, Player Portal N3 for Carin (Dr Cyanide) - after you go thru - its about 100m to the north inside basement of a 10 story tree stump.

I know Dr Cyanide so I have a strong feeling its a double… his GF if part of a gaming group I am in… will have to go take a look then bug him about it :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Wul I just say it… He took the same idea and added his twist to it… looks pretty neat if I do say so myself. Feels good to see someone liking my idea :slight_smile:


Can I ask what the idea was? Been to your place a few times, not outside tho, haha

@AeneaGames a player I know borrowed my block museum idea and made one himself with his twist to it. :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’ve seen yours yet. But I have seen a bunch of different ones throughout launch of Boundless. Was just to one the other day that’s still being built and the planets seemed to be lined up by gradient of colors(including exos) which was cool and was to the start of a 255 color gleam one same day

Lol well yes I do tend to take inspiration and ideas from other builds in order to add my own twist on them, my world museum is far from finished its going to have a fantasy type feeling to it while being under a giant tree house. Haven’t had the time to work on it as I’m busy with my colour storage. Sorry if may concern anyone or just you @DaOne82 but it’s just how I build my own ideas to eventually build something out of scratch, eventually I tend to change things but as of now I’m still Learning my own building curve.


DrCyanide - I never really saw a name for your place - just call it Carin’s Place or what?

It’s just called Cairns :stuck_out_tongue:

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@DrCyanide There is nothing to be sorry about. To be honest I find it cool that you liked my idea. I went over to take a peek and you have been doing a great job there :slight_smile:. You have my blessing to borrow my ideas lol :stuck_out_tongue:. I do the same when I’m out and about… I see a cool design and I take snapshots. Can’t wait to see your finished product :slight_smile:

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@DrCyanide - totally coincidence that I randomly crossed your build while running across the planetside looking for a specific block. But only shortly after starting this thread. Heh - trying to find all these “index” builds :smiley: