Looking for an explorer - 20k rewards

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I’m looking for perfect condition DEAD meteors. I need large level 5+ ones.

Willing to pay 20k for each one, (not too close to each other preferably - like in different zones would be perfect)

You’ll need to hit me up on discord (@Salvatory) to port there with you, once you log its co-ords and open a warp.

Ideally on t4/5 planets to start.

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For what purpose?

It’s for a future project, but finding it hard to find ones intact - so appealing for others help :slight_smile:

That’s because level 5+ ones generally require a large group to spawn them, and thus the meteor gets ate away by people without magnet… Your best option is to join/make a hunt with people who have magnets or pay people to follow you to trigger meteors to fall, start the fight then instantly leave. This will kill the meteor and leave everything intact.

But meteor blocks can be crafted right?

They can’t be placed to create a meteor

Am aware of this, but highly doubtful one will remain intact with a large group - but have seen ones intact in the past - hence offering a nice reward for discovery :slight_smile:

Now i get it!! Thanks!

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