Looking for anyone selling Wicker!


Good morning, afternoon, and evening everyone!

I’m in the market for Wicker and looking for someone that is selling variety of colors. I don’t have a specific color in mind, just want to see what is out there in the current market/price point.

Please give me the Planet, hub, shop name, or cords!

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:


@ghandymarshall has a shop selling Wicker, Marble and Brick at the Nova Golda market, on Trung. Nova Golda has several ways to be reached, but the one I know best is through Ultima.

Rough coordinates for the market on Trung are 718N 1345E 65 Alt.

Also see here for better directions:


planet earth



Hey Humble, take a look around on my stall. There was a lot more until this morning when 400 or so got bought. More super bonding is being made now and when im home in a few hours i will be adding more wicker now that ive sorted my marble shortage.


I will take a look this afternoon when I get home from work! Thank you :slight_smile: