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Yeah I googled it after out of interest and realized I sounded like an idiot regarding bark being needed to produce leather … still seems like a very low drop rate for bark though considering how it covers every tree but it is what it is


I do have max axe build character, but i farm bark on besvrona, portal in powermans place. 2 trees, fully enclosed in a safe room. I just use a base 3x3 axe and a fast brew. Can get crazy numbers. around 15 mins gets me 2-3 smart stacks of sap and around 200 bark. Its a lvl 5 planet.


ah nice - its just i dont know that place, if i did I would be there all the time lol

thanks for the tip


Indeed. The Oort were more advanced. The player race seems closer to a paleo level of technology. Oak bark was used to get tannin for the tanning process. Brain tanning would make more sense at the paleo level. The plains Indians of North America used the brain tanning method extensively to make some of the softest most supple leather there was. Bark/tannin tanning gives you veg tanned leather, which is good for cases, covers, quivers perhaps, leather armor, but not really soft enough for clothes… cf: youtube for videos on actual method for brain tanning. Every mammal comes with enough brains to tan its own hide, bar some politicians…

Wikipedia: Tannins (or tannoids ) are a class of astringent, polyphenolic biomolecules that bind to and precipitate proteins and various other organic compounds including amino acids and alkaloids.


That makes perfect sense … certainly explains the diaper/nappy loincloths :thinking:


It would be wonderful, and historically accurate, if we could use brains OR bark (or chromium I guess, if we want to be a bit more modern) to make leather, but sadly the animals currently in game don’t appear to have brains. :stuck_out_tongue:

Often enough I find myself having to deforest way larger areas (I don’t really do the regen bomb thing) than I would otherwise just to supply enough bark (or occasionally, sap), which tends to leave me with more wood than I have use for, even having a specialized lumberjack alt with full luck (and the gathering skill tho I don’t think that one affects bark drop rates).

However, so far I’ve only used wood very sparingly in building, so people that use a lot of wood for their builds might not run into the same problem.

So, having an alternative recipe for some of the bark and sap uses, that didn’t involve chopping whole forests down, would help a little I suppose. On the other hand, increasing the drop rates for those would probably be easier.


I use this spot too, it’s brilliant!
Chopping both trees down three times (six trees in total) gives me 150-160 bark, which is just over the 144 needed for a mass leather run. Takes me 15-20 minutes or so.

Edit for clarification:
I have 8/8 luck and am using a 3x3 one-hit axe.


I tried it myself yesterday. Very nice.
Not much difference in bark drop (if any) but a significant increase in sap yield (comparing to lvl 3 world).

Thanks again for the tip. :sunglasses:


Before I started adding points into Luck, I hardly found any bark. Probably only ended up with 2-4 bark pieces after taking down a whole tree. With 8/8 in luck I easily get 20-30 bark per tree.
It is still ridiculously rare though. :frowning:


For reference, I now get about 25 bark for around 200 sap.


I run a healing potions shop and have to farm a lot of bark.

For level 3 I like Merka. They have large trees that you can AOE hit.

If you have a high tier AOE Axe and want max drop chance, then I would recommend either Galan or Alycon. They both have large trees that are easy to harvest (especially with regen bombs)

There is almost a 4% swing in difference from T3 (8.3% drop rate) vs T6 (12.1% drop rate) <-- this is not from game data, this is an average manually collected by players of over 100k wood on each planet.

Happy hunting!


yes - there is increase in drops on any world level when you invest in your luck attribute

then, there is increase in drops for any luck level when you move up world tiers

you can also say that drop rate increases across luck attribute level and world level (or that drop rate is a function of both luck attribute and world level)

so: first you may stick with lvl 3 worlds and increase your luck attribute - that will give you more drops from whatever blocks you farm; then (when your luck is maxed out and you get enough skills to safely work on dangerous worlds) you may start going to higher tier worlds;

you will get maximum possible drop rate when you combine maxed out luck attribute with the highest available world tier


Don’t you have to balance that with block damage or rather Hits per trunk? I don’t have the figures, but let’s say +50% drop rate (cumulative considering increased attributes) when comparing T6 to T3. But if damage increase results in two hits vs one hit per trunk, then it is possible to get a lower per hour gather rate. R = drop / (chop time + Regen time + travel betwix trees time)… where drop and chop time are functions of world tier. Note attribute differences effecting R will cancel when comparing the two R2/R1… I feel like somebody did tests on this, anybody got a link?


Just to throw this out there, my neighbor and friend has a public BARK FARM off P.S. Hub on Alcyon. (Could be Alnitans) Its one of those two. It has three large trees inside.


Bark bark bark! You’ve ruined your lands, you’ll not ruin mine!!

lol, sorry, had to be done.

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