Looking for Bark


Does anyone know the best planets to find bark and whether specific types of tree produce better results?


Any tree tier 3 planet or higher.


Yeah that’s what I thought, I’ve just chopped down a whole tree, over 400 lustrous wood trunks, on Boori and have only managed to get 8 bark so far … it just seems like a really low yield and I was wondering if I was looking in the wrong place.


do you have your luck bonus skill maxed?.. I have mine at maxed and I go to at least a tier 4 planet for an hour or so… link last run I managed 120-150 (give or take) bark but that’s because I was going after one type of tree. from what I understand the higher the tier the better results…


No my lucks only at 2, I guess I’ll have to leave for now till I reach level 50+ to rearrange my skill points, can’t spare any at the moment. It just seems crazy that every tree is covered in the stuff but it’s easier to get hide than it is to get bark which for some bizarre reason is needed to make leather.


How much do you need?


There’s a spot I go to, and I think I saw a Merika spot with a HUUUUGE tree trunk that you can Regen.


I use the sap & bark farm in Powermans mining network, In Besvrona. 2 trees. I can get about 50+ in 10 mins or less


I have the best luck with bark on Alnitans. I never seem to get any on lower tier worlds.


I’ve been playing since launch and only had 3 so far, went to Boori today (level 3 planet) and chopped down a few large trees which netted me another 24 so at this rate I should be good for a mass craft of leather in a few months time. I got 12 hide without even trying to get it, which I hesitate to say seems a bit unbalanced, hopefully the hide collection won’t be reduced in the future to balance it out.
Thanks for all the suggestions @DaOne82 @MrNiX @Unciviled and @XxymoxX , when I get some more time to spare I will give them a go.


There’s a bark farm in PURE hub - that’s what I use


No Problem, if you keep struggling, let me know and I’ll give you a couple tokens.


Come to sorissi i have Bark full


Delta C. I think it is level 4. I go just off the ramp when you come down from the portal and there are trees all over. I chop the trees and the leaves and get green berries and a nice amount of bark.


yea, The farms are way faster if youre after bark and use the right tools. :wink:
but out adventuring, itll be worth it


Woof woof (sorry…)


Lvl 3 planets yield enough bark when on max luck. You may try gatheters epic as well. I only gather bark on lvl 3 world. Easier to survive and I know a few spots. I wouldn’t mind trying higher lvl worlds but I simply don’t know spots with bigger trees.


Delta C is level 4 and as I go down the ramp you can see lots of clumps, groves, of trees dotting the landscape. Several are close enough to the portal so you won’t have to travel far and have a lot of the critter mob you. They aren’t big, but the grove I use has around eight trees, enough for my needs.
My suggestion is take a beacon, some beacon fuel and enough wood or stone to build a outpost just the size of one plot. Pick a spot as close to the portal as you can and right beside the trees. There are several plots taken where I do my picking of berries and getting bark so I just use their bases to hide in at times. A couple don’t have doors, just openings. Spitters, I just jump on top shoot and back up out of fire, go forward, shoot and back up until I kill them. Road runners are around and if I get lucky they don’t see me and get close, or they head for a hole in the ground that has water in it and can’t get out. hoppers show up, but so far no more than three at a time and using a grapple I’m hanging from a tree and can kill them.
The only problem are the stout cuttletrunks, if more than two I generally run and hide. Get three and I will probably die.

I use a regular old iron axe and go through around three, sometimes four. Get from 140 to 200 of berries from 30 to 50 bark, depending on how many trees I cut down. I go once a day now, spend a hour or two. I do a bit of hunting when I hear road runners, I like getting the lean meat and may never use the glands, but keep them, the guild I belong to can have them if I don’t ever use them. I even got a feather once, LOL.


I am personally not worried about higher tier mobs as my alts are high level.

As for trees, I look for huge ones so I can use 3x3 axe.
I do my chopping on Boori because I know a large grove with trees maybe not so huge but with base wide enough to use 3x3. Using iron axe, cheap and one hitting on lvl3 worlds. Fastest way to get bark for me so far.

I looked around some lvl 4 and 5 worlds but it was taking too much time to find suitable trees.

It’s different when I use one block or maybe 2-3 block hitting axe. I can chop pretty much any tree then without wasting tool’s ability. In that case I go to higher tier worlds for better drop rate.


“Tanning” hide into leather used tannic acid,which is a product of tree bark.

That’s actually totally realistic.

Also with 8/8 luck I see about 20% as much sap as trunk, and closer to 10% bark.

So more like 200 sap and 90 - 110 bark per thousand trunks. I haven’t noticed a higher drop rate at level 4 but I rarely harvest trunk at higher levels.