Looking For biggest booms

Who sells bombs nowadays?
Im looking For biggest aoe bombs… So i guess its some lucent one?.

Also if you sell… Price pls.

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I got blink bombs has best aoe or Rift has best DMG I have unforged lucents or do you need them forged & how many you need @Buugi

Recomand blink with forged damage and range and damage augments they are a hell of bombs :grin::grin::grin::grin:

Could Help too with that Need to know how many you need.


@Buugi @Turrican2006
I can provide you the blink bombs for free
And you can give them to Turrican to Forge so your not spending a arm and a leg boop

How many you need?

Well more is better.
As i dunno whats the dura on those… I guess 5 would be ok?
And Thx @Turrican2006 For the help. I know 0 about bombs as i havent use them much.

I Love cave builds but i just always lacked bomb Knowledge.

Home again were at the mom from my wife over Christmas.

I ve enough bombs @BabyCookie but thx anyway
@Buugi i ll do 5 of them or a hole Stack of IT
Let you know when done

@Buugi ive a full Stack alredy done in my Forge so let me when WE meet and you get them.

@Buugi ???

Sry been busy IRL. I let you know When Im able to meet. I dunno if we are friends ingame so you could just drop it somewhere that i can pickup

OK let me know i Look now If WE Re ingame Friends.