Looking for black gleam

Hello, I’m looking for black gleam. Someone sells it? If so where and what price?

Thank you

Well crypt buys it for 500c each and it goes well on that price at least what ive been checking maybe cause theres no other baskets.

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There’s one in the Ultima hub that’s buying it for 600 too

I have one black gleam… can’t see it being in any of my builds but I can’t seem to part with it :joy:

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I understand you I’m in the same situation as you with all the new colors lol

OK then … there are 3 new baskets in Quebec

Black gleam 500 ea / 240 000c
black trunk 200 ea / 50,000c
White foliage 200 ea / 50,000c

Thats a big difference, there are baskets that sell this stuff for 5k each and people are asking for 500c in request baskets?

I have 14 but im going to wait a little untill its more balanced with purchasing and selling prices.

yeah … i saw that… unfortunately I’ll never buy that at 5 thousand each

I sold all mine for 1250 a piece. though I don’t have any black gleam at all or do I ever see getting any more, there are still some of the new gleam colors available at stall 25 in illuminaughty footfall coop trior.

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