Looking for blue gleam


Pretty much every time I see one of your posts, it ends up with you being rude to people. Why’s that do you think?



You’re too lazy to type a few letters of actual planet names and I’m the bad guy.

Some players are new to the game and don’t know the planet names much less your little abbreviations.

Any my eyes are fine thank you.

This is the most sensitive board on the web.

You get attacked for asking clarifying questions.

I wonder why this game isn’t that popular?


I’m nit rude but 99% of the responses have NOTHING to do with the question.

I ask for a blue gleam and people start talking about their favorite colors or where they can buy this or that.

Totally off topic.

This is is a very passive aggressive forum.

Heaven forbid you ask a question. Wow.


It’s not that you asked a question it’s how you responded to the ones who actually were trying to help


At this point I’m in favor of only giving you the answer of Google it


Your only options for the kind of blue gleam you want it try and get some from the gleambow event or make a deal with someone for it. None of the current world spawn a true blue.



There is no reason to be rude or aggressive here. Everyone calm down and be polite.