Looking for blue gleam


I’m looking for a dark blue gleam, or at least one tat actually gives off blue light.

All the blue colors I have give off a 99% white light.



Have you tried cephonix merica? Stale cerulean gleam


Yeah, that more green then blue.


One of the current event gleams.


got 2 of those Shadow Cerulean also very nice. you have any for sale at the right price?


I don’t have any of the new gleam yet.


And I’m guess the new gleam will be expensive to buy. Rare items always are costly.


I’m glad everyone likes this gleam, can I ask where to find the Shadow Cerulean gleam?


From the gleambow meteors



Are there any planets that have a blue gleam that a actually looks blue and gives off blue light?


Merika, = blue
Nork = Teal


Too hard to actually type out the planets names??

Trees no such planet as Merika or Nork

And the Stale Cerulean is more green, as I stated above.

Did you read the post?



Its not hard to realise Merika and Nork mean Cephonix Merika and Norkyarna, or however there spelt.

Chill dude and be a bit more appreciative, will ya?


Last time i attempt to help you, google the ■■■■ next time.

It is not green, go to the eye dr.


Pretty blue if you ask me. BTW.


These are from the event plenty of blue along the spectrum.


I got some for sell 5000 a piece sirgreenday


Definitely not green. I use it with my blue room. Sapphire bricks rock water. Everything is blue including the lanterns made from that gleam and the gleam itself.


sounds like you need to tweak the settings on your monitor :wink:
…unless you have tritanopia, then I fully understand. (seeing colours differently where blue looks green)


Next time send him to lasagna :joy: