Looking for cheap 3x3 shovels


Looking for Titanium or gem shovels. cheaper the better. i dont even care if they have -dmg.
Only thing i wont buy is bouncy feet. I have a few places i go, but apparently others are after them also lol


3in a row is also nice if it is for removing thats just enough to expose mixed rocks without loosing to much hits on rocks


I am making bricks, about 10k a day minimum for my build on Till. I use these to farm the mats. I need to get as much as possible lol


no bomb expert but cant ya nuke it :smile:


If you bomb you dont get the blocks :frowning:


ow thank god i did not buy bombs then lol
maybe make sugestion for block saving bombs lol


You checked the sasquatch shop in ur mall? Usually have a couple of them


not last day or 2, have bought most out that i know of, thanks for reminding me though. and if Aenea is peeking at the post, I will buy more if you msg me when you put out :stuck_out_tongue:


Slingbow depot. 10k

If im there i will give you a deal


Market in New Leyden


bought them all out earlier. i check there daily :slight_smile:


Aenea is a forger and has been known to make special orders… she is really nice to do business with


5k titanium and 12k gems at Finata Pawn Shop.


3x3 titanium shovels, 2399c at Original Forgeries at New Leyden Market…


You want more? Like krasniy said I can do more as a custom order if you want to!


2 smart stacks :stuck_out_tongue:


What? Not 3? :slight_smile:


Not surprisingly, you are always sold out.

It did inspire me to forge my own for the first time.


Well, I expect these going fast, selling them 2.3k it’s not even worth to forge your own at that price point. Unless she out of stock :stuck_out_tongue:


I got 3 smart stacks on order :slight_smile: