Looking for cheap Cold Viridian Gleam

So, I have 20.000 coins, and I would like to spend them on a stack of Cold Viridian Gleam to finish the Cold Viridian Estates in the Raxxian Sanctuary.

Since I got the bright idea to use exo-gleam for these houses (which in retrospect really was a dumb move on my part - but I needed bright gleam colors), I’m now out of Cold Viridian Gleam, and I tried to finish the houses with Stale Moss Gleam for the glass panes and Weary Teal Gleam for the doors, and it shows (at least for the windows), and I’d feel like I’m lying on the quality of the houses if they’re mostly in another color. ^^’

It costs 50c per block of Cold Viridian Gleam in usual shops (I usually go to Gleam Universe), and I can’t afford a 900 stack at 45.000 coins. Anyone has a stack to sell for 20.000 coins?
If nobody has any, the other option is that I replace the Cold Viridian Gleam with Weary Teal, which wouldn’t cost anything.

< grumbles at the idiotic concept of color scarcity which prevents creativity >


Do you remember from which EXO that one came from?

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Let me look

Are worlds I found that had it


I have no idea. I almost never go to exo-worlds. I bought the Cold Viridian Gleam I had at Gleam Universe. :sweat_smile:

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Ok we’re are you goblin-chan

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I’m on Raxxa, in my place, which is connected to a lot the Raxxa PS Hub, to the capital of Raxxa and to Sasquatchville.
-2,200N 695E 66A

EDIT : Thank you SO much @BabyCookie!
There you go :


If someone has more Cold Viridian Gleam to donate, I placed a basket with 3600 coins inside (1c per Cold Viridian gleam block). It’s a ridiculously small amount, I know, but I guess it’s better than proposing nothing in return. :sweat_smile:
The basket is next to the houses I’m building on Raxxa, at -2,199N 675E 66A.

10c each or 1c each?


Oh my bad, I forgot how to math! O_O
Yeah, I wouldn’t be able to afford 10c each, sorry. :confused:

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If I have it I’ll hand it to you for free. I’ll be home in a couple hours


Really starting to consider making a monument to thank the people who made ressource donations like you guys.

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Are you on?

Can we meet at TNT?

Ah, sadly, I can’t be in game, right now. I’m making changes to my hard-drives. :confused:

It’s empty lol.

Well let me know when you can play I’ll be home pretty much everyday from now on

Damn! Well, thanks. I’ll contact you tomorrow! ;D

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I have an entire ss and a couple extra for you, hope that gets you closer to finish your build :slight_smile:

I should already be able to make more houses that originally expected. XD

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Lol thats nice! hahaha
I usually hoard gleam just for this kind of situations, since I dont have a gleam shop and I probably wont ever use it all for my own builds lol.

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My issue is that I usually go for bright colors of gleam when I do houses in my city build, otherwise the color over-powers the rest. ^^
The next district of houses I’ll do, I don’t yet know which color I’ll go for.

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