Looking for Code Gleam


Not to sure if anyone could point me in the direction of who use to run Code Gleam, it’s to my understanding they went under but I want to see about possibility of taking over an area (or two) of theirs.

Any help or advice on this would be great!


I don’t know their names but a lot of people have reached out to them with no success. They are ps4 players too if I remember correctly


That could work in my favor, as I play on PS4 to. But still not sure how I would reach out and message them I only see in game name on places.


Ah than maybe they weren’t all ps4 players


Check on Maryx, An Awkward Place. It is through the Ultima Portal Hub US East. I think the player Awkward has the plots to the code gleam hub and shows a PSN of Briannamarie or something like that. I’m at work or I’d check for you.


I appreciate it I’ll make a run there later when I get on, knowing many in the past havent had much luck (and looked up some old threads should have done that first many have offered much more then I can)

The code gleam builds are in my way per say but with what I am building a few of the spots I could utilize the space to provide public service of it.


i live there up the hill beside the town and saw the owners yesterday they def not selling i even think it might return
owner told me they got 20mails in there absence to take over the place but def not planning on doing that
but def talk to them about the town it def need some tlc
theres also still the dude that doesnt play and has gleamclub he sorta made a berlinwall there after a prestige dispute
it would be cool to see it repaired makes me sad seeing the wall everytime i come home
you might be more succesfull if ya just team up :smiley:


I did reach out and get ahold of one, they do seem interested in returning so here’s hoping.