Looking For Fist: Attraction, Auto Harvest, Glow, Tough As Nails 3

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Posting under Trading due to the lack of a shopping section.

I’m looking for a few gold fist 7-9 (pref 9) meter attraction, auto harvest, glow, and light intensity (prefer 2) with tough as nails 3. Let me know where and the price if possible. I had a couple that I had bought for around 5k, one being a 9m, 2.0 light, auto harvest, nails 3 that was my favorite loot stick I’ve had yet. I can’t recall where I bought it… These things are really nice for new players and lower level alts, the glow and harvest alone are nice, but the extra 8 skill points worth of armor, IMHO, is highly underrated. I need some for my 7 year old because I’m getting tired of reviving him every few meteors. (it’s a joke! He’s my pocket healer; he’s great at topping you off - when he doesn’t get one shot :frowning: )

Thanks in advanced for the replies - any help here welcome, location, possible orders. I’d be down to buy 2-3 smart stacks right now for a good price. Really like the extra armor (I already run 4/5 into both, I just like not getting hurt on T3s, and not dying nearly as often as others on 4-6s)

fists allow 4 forge boons??? or is tough as nails not a boon? just thinking aloud…not a forger myself.

Attraction/auto-harvest are one boon.

I don’t have time to forge right now and these (3 specific boons) are harder than what I usually do, targeting one or two boons. I might later this afternoon though.

@N7JH have you considered iron? They don’t hit for much less, and they have a good deal more durability, which is consumed by the Tough as Nails boon. Sine the forge doesn’t allow for crit enhancement iron might be better for your purpose.

Just some thoughts. If no one has these on hand for you I might play with the forge later though, I just found out I have tomorrow off work :grin:

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I make these, but usually with durability instead of glow. I’ll crank a few out for you

Oh durability instead of glow might be a good thing to switch around to as well; I didn’t think about that as I hadn’t seen any. The I’ve actually only seen 1-2 with the glow, usually it’s just the tough as nails 3 and the loot part. Where’s your shop? I’d love to stop by!

Ok, just made a dozen with glow. Done in 2.5 hours.

Definitely a bit easier to make glowy ones than durable. @N7JH do you use glow epic?

Edit: k got a few durability bois cooking for you now.

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I don’t but maybe I should get it and go durability? Or a few of each. I’ve been mainly doing hunts lately and those things are the bees knees.

I’ve got some of these in my shop on Refgar as well, should more be needed.