Looking for gem hammers


Also have some forged gone the direction I didn’t want I’d throw for dirt cheap.


Ive never gotten bought out by competition… hammers not usually above 10k


Yep, we can sell some for 2k or less at DBX depending on inventory. We do trading as well if you have silver or hopper eyes or feathers (oh my)! Or iron…

Ok, trade feathers at 7500, iron 15, silver 45, hopper eyes 75 (gotta check that). PM me if interested, I think we’ve got most of the gem hammers (raw) right now but maybe not on stands


Where is dbx


I think this link will work…
Yep, totally works. If you need, I can make a picture map for you from whatever hub you like.


DBX has a Little Japan portal also :slight_smile: good folks


Not that this has anything to do with anything but LITTLE JAPAN IS AWESOME.


Store 51 in gyosha mall have diamond hammers unforged for 1.5k


When I sell unforged gem tools(going to try n make it steady) I sell them at 1300c. Corruption Outlet store #86 in the gyosha mall. Also my guild mate sells quirk free gem tools at 9999c thru my store. Titanium is cheaper don’t remember the price on those tho.