Looking for gem hammers


Looking for a shop with gem hammer for sale about 2k coins a piece
No forges.


Empire Store in gyosha mall might have some


Will check thank u


Probably looking at 3k for that. I know I saw some at a shop in the Gyosha Mall near the Quark portal.

(Shout out to the Quark mini-hub)


On my way there thank you


legendville has some 1k-2k depending on gem


Will head that way thank you


Do you know what hub would bring me closest to the shop


I’d try Hubbit.
I don’t know other ways to get there, but you can go:

PS Grov Te>PS Storis> High Ridge> Hubbit>Legendville


Gyosha Mall also has a Legendville portal


We are the Ultima Hub for Tana VII, Have portals all over the place.
PS Grov Te > Imdaari > Gyosha > Biitula, we have like 5 portals there to legendville stuff.
Linked in Powermans network, Aquatopia, Morning Wood, and a few more lol


Found it 1.9 for diamond


Thank you guys


I’ve got you 2-3 links away from two portals.

High Ridge>Hubbit>Legendville

High Ridge>Quark>Gyosha Mall>Other end of Gyosha Mall>Legendville.


How are you all getting 2, 3k for a gem hammer, that’s ludicrous.

I don’t sell unforged right now but if they are going for that much I might make a ton.

One hammer gets about 4 mass crafts of diamond, one hammer being about 10k opportunity cost. That’s 5 mass crafts of compact, 7 total mass crafts of refined, for 350 refined gems (at around 30c each). At 22 gems per 10 hammers, that’s 660 for just the gems. Leather and shimmering are about as hard to get, but you need 1/3 of them, so let’s say 660 + (660*2)/3 = 1100 each. Markup to 1500 is reasonable…


If you’re getting 4 mass crafts of diamond for 1 hammer I need your technique and location.
Also who selling t6 hammers for 10k? 12999 yea but 10k?
And point me in the direction of someone who sells diamonds at 30c or near it. 60c yea but never under that


I sell for 10k at my shop… Unless they are particularly low quirk or high durability, then I go to 11-13k. No more than 13, and sometimes even the 1.8k hammers I lower the price a bit if they don’t sell right away.

I farm on mal and get 2 mass crafts per pie, with about 2 pies per hammer.

30c is based on the cost of the hammer alone, where for me the time cost of hammer is about 50% markup. So I am including my time in there as well. I am not suggesting buy diamonds outright, that is just a cost estimate for equivocation purposes.


I get to about 1400 in my calc. Forging is where the expense comes in. I usually use about 3000 in forging, but I mark up to 14000 sometimes because I don’t want to get bought out by competition. Probably going down to 12k soon


I have a bunch of diamond hammers, unforged sitting around if you need. Just msg me on here or add my discord. Lt-indecent#1173

Could forge you tons, name your price really. I don’t have a shop , usually just run word of mouth.


Would have no issue forging them but that adds a bit to the cost, can always come up with a different type of agreement.