Looking for hunting groups

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I am looking for a good hunting group to come hunt with on preferably a T-3 planet. If you have any suggestions for hunting groups that would be going out pretty soon please mention them! Thank you! I suppose this topic could be used in the future as well when looking for a good, suiting, hunting group…


@xyberviri made a cool little calendar with some hunts on it. I think the browntown and Valhalla hunts are t3


Brown Town (acccessible via TNT, EZPZ, DK Mall, Grandeur, lots more) run daily hunts at 8PM UTC. We usually have 40+ hunters and are always beginner-friendly. We usually run our hunts on Cephonex Merica (which is a T3 planet) and regroup often for the newer players.

Come join us, we’re super friendly… most of the time :stuck_out_tongue:


@xyberviri can you add CST (central time)?

I hold hunts on a tier 3 hunt platform, it’s pretty easy relaxed hunt style not to many rules. I have 13 platforms in total so about a hour, hour and a half. Just keep your chat log open I’ll give you about 15 to 30 mins before I take off.

I added it on there, you can use a custom url like this to set that as the default or to load timezones i haven’t added. " https://boundlessevents.github.io/#timezone=America/Chicago "