Looking for Luminous Blue Marble

Hello fellow Oortians!

I am looking for someone who may have some Luminous Blue Marble for sale!

Many shops have been scoured, and I have emptied out Fauxx’s Shop - but not able to find another shop.

Does anyone know where I could pick up some Luminous Blue Marble, or anyone who actively crafts Marble?


Luminous Blue isn’t available in metamorphic rock, therefore it would be painted or chisel changed… which means you won’t find large amounts of stock. You may need to buy paints at this stage.


Been playing this game for a long time, and honestly I have no idea how to even paint! Haha


Some folks do Goo farm and craft Spray it means you can repaint block by any color you want manually 1 by 1 or using a Spay tinter mass paint drag on your sprays and your block he do the job by himself



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Are you still looking for Luminous Blue? How much do you need if you are?

I’m working on restocking my shop it will be available in the next day or 2 in a decent quantity