Looking for medieval forest


Going for a medieval themed build and need a lush forest area that looks well… medieval, on Therka it seems to be either bog or ice. Looking something like on jivitas unoffical trailer or pine tree in a green enviroment, any suggestion?


Go anywhere right now. 1.0 is coming soon and we will be starting over on new planets. We know pretty much nothing about the new planets other than there will be more of them. For now, just choose any place that looks decent for what you want to practice with and learn building in Boundless.


I built a sizable viking port town, didn’t play for a while and lost it. 1.0 has been on the horizon for a while now.


1.0 will be in less then 5-6 months. ofiicial info :slight_smile:


oooh juicy, hope they add more biomes to starter planets…guess we will find out. 1.0 release will mean character plot and level reset right?


total wipe yes. and there will be much more new planets on 1.0 i guess around 20 maybe or 30 :smiley:


or 50…
be ready for exploration galore


yeah :smiley: it will be massive :smiley:


alternik has realy nice looking trees and landscapes


That’s certainly a lot :open_mouth: one of them will hopefully have what im after… when was it announced that 1.0 would be 5-6 months away?


Somewhere in here


Just what i was looking for, many thanks. Really hope this game doesn’t share the same fate as SkySaga.