Looking for mosaic

White mosaic 250 blocks I need any stores have em up?

Did you check in Zeus? At dk Mall

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That’s the shop name?

Iirc yes :sweat_smile:

Didnt see any

White mosaic and concrete usually sell out fairly quickly everywhere. I think they require white rock from Exos.


Yeah Zeus is the owner lol the shop is this one

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how much mossaic and what type you want?

Yea allrdy checked it need white 250 as the post says lol

Oh yes dumb me I also forgot that the curvy mosaic is called just mosaic :crazy_face:

I’ve got at least some on my Gyosha shelves I see… but I don’t have permissions for that beacon on the characters I can access now. If you still need any later, shoot me a PM in about 7 hrs or so, happy to hide what I’ve got (I forget how much it is there) on a plinth somewhere when I can access it. :slight_smile:

Ur not dumb sry I’m a little crazy this morning

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I’ll probably have a couple on my base let me check and Ill give them to you.

Hey what’s up if u dont have any it’s okay I’m redesigning my shop yet again lol. Trying to make it more chilled lol so next are walls but white mosaic maybe blue marble

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If you don’t find any, I can make some up this evening for you. Just left for work before seeing this!

I actually got it all zunes just put more up then I bought it all

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I only have 52 pieces :rofl:

It’s ok I got 850 now so should be good for a few weeks plus bout a ss of marble

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@pajew I actually have some in the refineries cooking up, I had a smart stack but someone bought it lol, I will put some more out in a couple hours if you need it, I also have white fishscale and linear mosaic in white, MT Olympus at dk mall, row c :grin:, wait that was you!! Lol sorry I have miners brain right now

Lol yes that was me. And I’m putting it to goof use. That marble was great btw

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