Looking for people to play Boundless with

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I’m new to the game, I have a few hours play time & not seen anyone & its lonely on my own.

So looking for regular ppl that play to play with, I dont mind moving & restarting as I’m not far anyway.

Current server / realm / world is EU Therka.


Join our community and get to know us!!

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I would @Rumplypigskin but I have children & a dog, so I stay off chatting to people due to background noise & I come & go alot to see to my kids, but maybe one day.


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There are also many text channels we don’t use voice all the time :grin:

https://discord.gg/K7FasEt. <- this one is the main community’s discord.


Cool, I’ll install discord then. Just got a new PC so not installed.


You’re welcome to set up near us, we have a village up and coming with Therka Market portal, 3 of us regular and active with more appearing near us as we build. Just come to 610N 1400E on Therka or find the Red Dwarf portal in moebius plaza ( the Sword shaped portal next to Gemporium) :slight_smile:

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Add me to your steam list if you want. We are on therka as well 5-7 of us.


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Welcome to the game :smiley:

Anoobis on Septerfon has some plots available. It’s the next world along from Therka. There’s a few of us building there at the moment at different times of the day. You’re welcome to join us if you wish.

If your looking for something small I’m alone in vulpto. However I’m starting to get my bearings for Gem tools.

/welcome !!!
Glad to see you are just looking for friends to hang with. You are also welcome to hang with myself and my son, brother, and friends as we work on various projects.


I am also on vulpto, when you get more levels in you, come visit! :smiley:


Thanks all for the friendly welcome, I’ll be sure to try and hook up with you all and have some fun :smiley:

ok well the dev’s just killed vulpto… so I DEFINITELY NEED more bodies to survive because the mobs are just INSANE now… like vulpto was a odd planet because it was a t3 planet with t2 mobs but now it’s a t3 planet with t4 mobs?