Looking for picture editor

anyone familiar with photoshop or other graphic/editor programs?

i want to ask, if anyone can actualize this chart with proper numbers - just +1 to each number

pretty please :smiley: i want to print it and keep close to me :smiley:

Are the number incorrect? I thought the numbers were right on that sheet. Computer code starts with 0.

however, in-game colour ids start with 1 (no colour has id “0”); thus any colour you check inside game has colour id higher than coded (in game code, 0 is reserved for default world colour and black is 1 and then the rest follow)

similarly, game code designation for world tier system is 0 to 7, but we all talk about them as 1 to 8

so the graphic is wrong… didn’t know that. thanks.

that never bothered me in the slightest as I don’t use colour ids at all - always the names of colours

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I use the names of the colors, but some people sort their stores by number. I used a color dropper website, pulled all the hex codes out of the picture, and turned it into an excel sheet so I could fix the numbers. Then I printed that. The picture is way more compact than an excel sheet.


I too have several spreadsheets. I can sort them by IDs, Colors, Sub-colors, Hues, etc.

I seldom use them all though. I really need to just make a website for myself with a UI or a local app or something.


I was trying to make an excel sheet with all the unlocked colors. It is so hard to keep track of which colors unlocked recently that I had to give up on that.


I mostly track gleam more than anything. I started working on a sheet for all unpainted blocks recently.

In 2 months time when I took a short break I had saw that about 4 colors of gleam had unlocked.


i hate excell sheets :stuck_out_tongue:

i just love this pic i posted due to color groups :slight_smile:

well i think ill try my luck with Paint to change numbers :stuck_out_tongue: or ill print it as it is and use corrector or how it is named, those white fluid to cover mistakes and write new over it :slight_smile:

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I love excel sheets, I always sort stuff the way I need them.

I like to sort by colour rather than the #. But at least I can look it up when I have to.

I neither love nor hate excel sheets. But I’ve considered a relationship with one… :slight_smile:


Here you go …
… an updated - renumbered - version of Heurekas Color palette.
Happy :boundless: coloring everyone :+1: :grinning:


thank you so much, now its perfect :smiley:

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you can also just add 1 to the colour id that it shows on there

I’m almost done with an online version of this and some other variations. Where you can sort by shade, similar colors and a few other ideas I had.


awesome, yes please :smiley:

im sure i saw somewhere colors sorted by their shades, not a chart, just color storage in game, but now ive absolutely no idea where i saw it…

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That would be @MrsStar’s shop probably.

A color storage I’m not aware of but if you look for something that is sorted by shade and its gleam, then you can get inspiration at the phantom of the opera area for sure :wink: