Looking for Rock Donations

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I am running a new player factory for people to refine rock and gain xp then either sell it back to someone or mint it will fully powered minters.

I am looking for higher level players who mine a lot and have no need of some of their excess rock to give donations to our cause.

Let me know if this is of interest too you and if you want some sort of compensation what that may look like. Thanks!!


The problem is most miners don’t pick up rock, they just get ore metal coal fossils and tech usually. But if you could organize runners to ferry inventoryfulls of rock, I’m sure miners wouldn’t mind you following them around.
I’d be happy to buy stone off you though if you get this running.


I have some unused rock collecting dust I can donate. Mostly unintended collection when trying to get another rock type…I hoard lol


so i farm a lot on malu.(last few days and next few days) if u like u can pic up that stones… i dont need them

but im german, what timezone are u living?

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US West. Shoot me a message here though when you’ll be on and I’ll make sure to be on :+1:


If you set up a couple of request baskets for rock, you can set the buy price to zero.

Post the planet and coordinates, and the best route to get there, I’m sure I could fill the baskets for you pretty quickly.

Not bothered about anything in return, however, if you happen to pick up any unwanted rock, gravel or sand from gleambow hunting, I have request baskets set up for them in coin converters in Nova Golda Market, easily accessible from TNT Mega Hub, through the Trung gate!

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TNT Maryx gate is the easiest way to get there :slight_smile:


I’ll throw up a row in a bit

Cool, just let me know where to find you!

I guess this is how to get there, but, apologies, I don’t know where your place is!

Yes! @MrSgtPeppers factory is literally next to the Maryx centre, which is the host of the TNT portal to Maryx

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Maryx Center through TNT Maryx portal, east side (labled east side lol) then forward to NewOortian, baskets are set up in the “NewOortian Consortium” first building on the left… I may have gone overboard with the baskets… 417k settup lol


Nice timing, just finished my first gleambow run. I’ll head over with an inventory full!