Looking for shop attendees!

Looking for people who want to open shops in my new strip mall located in Granduer on planet Sochaltin. The plots are 2x3 a portal is walking distance to TNT hub.


Interesting design!

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How much is a lease?

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Lease is free. I would like to do a share footfall

Oh I thought you were hiring people to hang out in your shop as salespeople and I was like “I had that idea before!”

Nice design! Needs a video rental store


If you wanna make it your more then welcome to come build. :smiley:

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I tried to find it but I couldn’t. How can I get there?

You got to TNT Hub, then proceed to Sochaltin. You head down there’s road. There is a portal on the red road that says 200m south and then you pop out You’ll see it. I’m on as well.

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