Looking for some cool designs for floor


Hi everyone,

I was wondering whats ur cool designs for floors that are repetitive patterns.

for example long strips 2 wide or 3 wide as well.


I like to wary it depending on the build or specified room type, but this is definitely something I’m going to get more vested in soon enough!
I’m admittedly excited to see what others will post in here, as I plan to do so myself when I’m not stuck on my phone. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


2 and 3 wide plots or blocks?


I assume blocks, as I’ve seen people put chisels and such in floor patterns to great use.


blocks :slight_smile:


If you’re up for some experimenting try the adobe capture app on mobile. You can make some pretty cool patterns by just pointing your camera at anything random and maybe get inspiration. I’ll be using this to design my next floor or maybe spray paint some patterns in.

As a quick example I pointed this at the the carpet


you could wait until next update there are some gorgeous coloured panels(windows) coming :slight_smile:


Ive always preferred simple design… maybe adding different coloured line next to wall or something at leastif you are making a base… cause you can work with just one colour not trying to worry about some zigzag pattern with 10 different colors… shelfs… machines … poles beams… those make the colors for my builds.


I like to combine it with liquids


I tend to keep my floor design simple as i tend to build repeatable designs based on plot dimensions. That way i can gradually add as i go. Knowing how it will look as i add.

Floors end up with a square/rectangle pattern filled with liquid, partly transparent, pathways or completely transparent. Don’t use a lot of blocks variations like @Apt does but I really love the design Apt use and makes in all builds. So I recommend you go and check them out.

To finish off some of my new floor @Scorpioneyes has a great idea and it solves one of my problems i had.


really like those of Apt :wink: i already copied the idea and modified it :smiley: But still looking for some inspiration for normal storage floor pattern. 3x3 would be the best :smiley: any other length but 3 wide :slight_smile:


Don’t know if you have seen my old storage design but you might be able to pick up something from that design. Its 2 wide but elevated. If you use the Ultima antar gate to the terra hub its the floor between surface and celling of the terra hub.

Again its my old storage and will remove it as i build and complete the new storage.
(That won’t be right away but still)


Tough to get the whole thing in there but this is my latest one.