Looking for some some forged goods

I’m looking to buy some axes with the following things:

Max light
Auto loot (with +9)
High damage t6/t7
Doesn’t need to be AOE but thats a nice to have if thats even possible

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Have you Checked the iconic mall? There are some amazing forgers in there! Or another unbelievably awesome forger is @Zeuz at mt Olympus.


@georgegroeg probably has some of these at his shop in dks mall. He’s my go to for single target as most people don’t carry those


You can only have 3 boons.

So magnet is one, light is 2 and you can have AOE or damage.

What are you going to use them for?

I can forge you some in a while

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Got these sorted now @wakeNbake is making them for me, thanks though

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Ok I’m back home and in game now. So axes are ready whenever you are.

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Darn. Logged off for the night :frowning: what time you on tomorrow…I’m in UK and its 10.30pm here

I’m basically on the opposite side of the clock to you. It looks like it was 11:30am here when you sent that, lol. I’ll be around home most of the day, so just drop me a message here onthe forums when you’re online and we can figure it out.

Jumping on in 10mins. You still around?