Looking for some Wood Biomes

Looking for the following biomes in which the trees are found. I’ve tried to create several Sovereign Planets, but no T6 Planet has had a decent amount of Ancient Wood.
The twisted wood on the picture is 2x2 blocks, haven’t seen it on a Sovereign yet, or are the tree species shown Homeworld exclusive?
Maybe someone has some tips which biome I can take.

Thanks for tips;)


Basket trees biome is my choice for ancient wood… think that’s what is in your last picture


Hi, ok, will try Basket Tree in my next try for Sov planet ; )

@bucfanpaka Graveyard, does that spawn Ancient wood as well?

Just checked my Burn, nope, looks to be all Lustrous. :frowning:

As @Soju-VB said basket trees give a forest with some big ancient basket trees.


Though [lvl2-Bamboo Forrest Biome] is a complete forest of ancient wood trees …
… The Public Planets Beckon and Antar have prime examples of them. :+1: :+1:


Thx for answers.
I know, Bamboo Forrest, but its not selectable on T6 Planet, (on T6 Planet it begins with T4 selection of Biomes, if i remember ) and its a Pain to get some Ancient Wood from 1x10 ; )

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For a T6, might be worth taking Island trees and creating one of the underground farms (the trunks are stone inside but underground can be a solid layer of wood) and chiseling it to Ancient. :thinking: You could create a safe farm that way, like here… T6 Farms: Horizontal Sap / Bark / Lustrous - Safe & Efficient - 3 farms - 3 COLORS!